Read below for answers to some common questions about this service.

How often do you publish recommendations?

I don't have a publication schedule, but I aim to recommend tokens before they take off. The goal is to get in before everybody else does. That may mean publishing two or three in a month, then none for a few months. Or, at times, a steady stream of recommendations.

Ideally, I want to get in before or after pumps. This gives us the best chance of squeezing the most value out of our investments. I also consider important events or other time-sensitive aspects, e.g., a marketing campaign or change in tokenomics, staking rewards, things like that. To sync these considerations with a publication schedule would do you a disservice by forcing me to publish when the timing's not right.

How can you promise your returns will beat the market by 50% or more?

I can't. That 50% bonus performance reflects my success up to November 13, 2020.

Because I take the same approach to new altcoin recommendations as I did for the recommendations I posted before November 13, 2020, you can expect similar results.

That's not a guarantee. Perhaps we'll do better! Or, maybe worse.

In December, that number went as low as 32% and on January 31, 2021, it was over 130%. This is a volatile market and success changes from day to day.

Compare my Results to the Overall Market at This Moment

Also, by the time you buy my recommended altcoins, their prices may have gone up or down since I recommended them. Price is simply a benchmark to compare my performance with the overall market performance at the moment I publish.

If I do my job right, those returns will keep getting better and better. But I can't promise any outcome. This is a speculative market and some of my recommendations haven't even launched a product.

How much capital should I invest in each recommendation?

I'm sorry, I can't give you financial advice, just my analysis of the investment case for the altcoins I recommend.

Keep in mind, you don't need to invest a lot of money in these recommendations (whatever "a lot" means to you). You can expect some of the recommendations will not work out, but the winners will reward you many, many times over.  

What is your time horizon?

No time horizon. Buy and hold until further notice. Use your tokens on their related platforms, if you'd like.

We will not sell until I see specific "sell" signals in my plan for bitcoin's bull market, as seen in the Crypto is Easy newsletter.

Only then do we think about selling. That could happen tomorrow. Or, maybe never.

(Hopefully never, because that's how you get those massive gains and the purchasing power that comes with them.)

Do you provide technical support?

No. While I sometimes include "how-to" videos on recommendations that only trade on DEXs or seem challenging to get, I can't walk you through the process of buying, transferring, and staking tokens. When applicable, I will link to information that can help you do this on your own.  

How many recommendations will I get each year?

I don't know. I set a very high bar for the projects I recommend, with heavy emphasis on low-risk/high-reward opportunities.

The challenge is finding projects I can recommend. For example, I have some projects in my private portfolio that I really like, but they've already boomed or, upon further inspection, the token itself didn't fit the criteria for what I'm trying to do with altcoin insights. Even well-constructed projects don't always have tokens that are designed to capture value from their growth.

That doesn't mean those tokens' prices can't go up, or even go up a lot. Speculation alone can send those cryptos into the stratosphere. It just means I won't feature those types of tokens in Altcoin Insights.

For example, I really like Aave and Chainlink. I hold both in my personal portfolio. But they're not right for this service. We want to find the next Aave or Chainlink.

Can I see the Altcoin Insights business registration information?

There is none. This is a research service.

Do you offer trading tips?

Sorry. With Altcoin Insights, we're trying to smash home runs and build durable wealth from the growth of these new financial networks. No trading. We don't even take profits.