Depending on what specific date you check the performance of Altcoin Insights recommendations, they will have cumulatively outperformed the market at least 32% and sometimes over 200% (this is a volatile market, prices change often and quickly).

That's enough to turn a 1,000% return into 3,000% or more.

Better yet, all those gains compound over time.

Sure, at any moment, one or a few recommendations will lag the market, possibly significantly. We make up for it with the recommendations that work out.

Compare my Results to the Overall Market at This Moment

The secret: research and timing

First, I spend hours researching the token, its structure, and the team behind it. That includes talking to users, using it myself when possible, connecting with the team, identifying competitors, and understanding the value of the problem it solves.

Next, I take a look at the price, market cap, treasury plan, bonding curves, potential growth, and other obscure features that sound pretty boring (because they are).

Then, I try my best to time the recommendation before these tokens start to zoom. Sometimes, I aim for important events that I tell you about in the report I include with each recommendation.

While that means nothing in the long run, it gives us the best chance to get in before everybody else pumps the price up. That's why you can expect those 32-200% higher gains than if you'd put that money into whatever altcoin the internet is hyping at any given time.

Take a look at the process in more detail:

Once I catch a lead, I follow seven steps: Review the whitepaper, join the Telegram group and community chats, and research the team. How do they engage their community? What questions do people ask? How competent do their developers seem? Try the platform, apps, and services (if available). Learn how everything works.  Talk to the team. For anonymous developers, connect with a representative. Learn about their mindset, mentality, and future plans. Assess the risks and token structure. Is the token designed to capture value from the growth of the project? If so, how? What challenges could destroy the token's value or doom the project? Build an investment thesis. Why should we expect the token to go up in value? How high could it go, realistically, if all goes to plan? Deliver a recommendation to your inbox.  Give you +50% better returns than the market. *Performance as of November 13, 2020. Not a guarantee. Your returns may do better or worse. Altcoin Insights offers investment analysis, not financial advice.

What I look for

Risk-to-reward potential.

In speculative markets, you do not have the benefit of fundamentals or history. More than that, no project has any mainstream usage or traction. Even Ethereum, arguably the best-known altcoin, has only niche applications at the moment (with lots of competitors nipping at its heels).

Yes, Ethereum powers a lot of cryptocurrency projects, but as of today, even the biggest dapps have no mainstream traction and the Ethereum network is too slow and expensive to handle any that do. One day, that may change. For now, it is what it is.

As a result, you have to compare a token's size, structure, and addressable market compared to its competitors and the overall market. This means you almost always have to look at small cryptos, where you usually (not always) have the same risks as big altcoins, but far more upside.

Some great projects fail this test. Even though they have lots of potential, the risk-to-reward doesn't quite justify putting them in the Altcoin Insights portfolio.

Bitcoin, for example, will probably not return 10,000% gains from today's price any time soon. It's just too big. But it has a superb risk-to-reward potential because of its historical behavior, air-tight security, massive developer community, huge user base, and interest from Wall Street.

No other crypto can say this. Even if bitcoin only doubles in price, it's a no-brainer because that return is almost guaranteed once you do any honest investment analysis.

As for the other cryptos, they have lots of competitors and no "economic moat," as Warren Buffett says, to wall them off from other projects with new tech or other advantages. More than that, blockchain technology is new and experimental, nobody quite knows what will stick.

In the short run, anything can pump. With my altcoins, we're not looking to take profits after a 300% pump, we're looking for 1,000% to 100,000% gains over months and years.

That means taking calculated risks on small projects before hype and greed drives their prices up.

You will not find these opportunities on Twitter, YouTube, or Telegram until after we've already staked our claims to their tokens. That's how we win.

For example, my April recommendation went down for two months after I pushed it out. During that time, you had an opportunity to stake your tokens for 45% APY.

Then it exploded. Take a look at this chart, which shows price through the end of 2020:

When you include staking rewards, that altcoin has already delivered 13,000% gains—and it's just getting started. As of April 10, 2021, its price is 10x higher than it was at the end of 2020.

Repeat that a few times, and you get the idea.  

Why can't everybody do this?

Some can. In fact, others charge $5,000/yr for the same quality of recommendations, while most services go for $2,000 or more.

Some of those services are great. Worth every penny.

Most of those services are terrible.

I can do as good or better than all of them, for a lot less money.

Watch this video to learn why cryptocurrency has so few quality analysts at prices you can afford. It's cell phone quality because I keep it real, no frills and glossy production values to hide the value of my service.

Simple strategy, hard to execute

Bottom line: cryptocurrency is an insider's game. You need every advantage you can get. Once you hear about an altcoin on YouTube or in a Telegram group, you're probably too late (but not always).

My service focuses on finding the next 1,000% crypto before everybody else does. Sometimes, that means waiting, accumulating tokens, and averaging in for months before everybody else catches up.

In fact, if all goes to plan, that's exactly what we'll do.

Yes, some recommendations will not do well, but you can't win 'em all.

In the short run, any crypto can pump or dump a lot, quickly. Over the long run, all of my recommendations have plenty of upside, no matter how high they've already gone.

Plus, they have legit teams, well-differentiated features, strong tailwinds, and lots of room to grow.

I plan to close the service for good on February 15, 2022. While I will not have new recommendations or updates, I’m happy to give you the list of recommendations on the same terms as everybody who already subscribed. Out of fairness to them, you will pay the same price as they did: $613.

Contact me to arrange for access to the list.

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